Lock Windows 10 computers remotely without installing software or applications

A good security feature of Windows 10 that you may not know.

It can be said that Windows 10 is the Windows version that brings the most surprises to users. By leveraging the Windows Insider Program and the Feedback Hub channel, Microsoft has taken advantage of dozens of comments and constantly improved Windows 10 in the direction that users want most. In addition, closely linking Microsoft accounts with Windows 10 also brings significant benefits.

Why should I use a Microsoft account on Windows 10?

Immediately after installing Windows 10, users will be required to use a Microsoft account to log in to use the operating system. And when successfully activating the Windows 10 license, the system will send computer information and user accounts to Microsoft servers, thereby linking these two information together into a fixed license key chain. This makes it easier to reinstall Windows 10, as well as activate copyright, all you need is a Microsoft account.

In addition, the use of a Microsoft account will help to synchronize the installation data between computers that have the same Microsoft account that is unified, convenient for online work on the computer.

In addition, you can also manage remote tasks on your computer, thereby reviewing and approving transaction requests that arise if someone is using your computer.

How to lock Windows 10 computers remotely without using software or applications?

Overall, this feature works similarly to Apple and Android did on mobile devices. This is basically a remote tracking and disabling feature. And Microsoft has joined this “club” by allowing users to monitor and lock their Windows 10 computers using the “Find My Device” feature.

To be able to use the “Find My Device” feature on Windows 10, you need to meet some of the following requirements:

– Computer must be connected to the Internet.

– “Find My Device” feature on Windows 10 must be enabled.

– The Microsoft account on the computer must be the highest administrator account.

How to activate and use the “Find My Device” feature on Windows 10

Step 1: Activate the Find My Device feature by going to Settings> Update & Security.

Find the Find My Device setup group and click the Change option in the Find my device: OFF. Then proceed to turn ON to activate.

Now you will see Find my device: OFF switch to Find my device: ON is okay.

Step 2: Visit the Microsoft account management page here (https://account.microsoft.com/devices/) and proceed to log in the account you used on your Windows 10 computer.

Step 3: Once successfully logged in, the management page of the device with your Microsoft account logged in will appear. Find the computer name you need to work and click on the “Manage” option.

The computer management page will appear, click on the “Find My Device” tab.

The location information with the map will appear, to proceed with the lock, click on the “Lock” option.

The information window of the remote lock function will appear, click Next to continue.
Now the system will allow you to send a message to the locked computer. When you have finished entering, press Lock to finish.

After you’ve done locking the remote Windows 10 computer, it’s best to change your password to ensure it is safe.

Hope this article will be useful for you.


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