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Designed by Sage Software, Peachtree business products accounting software is a professional financial management system for businesses, whether you are starting a brand new online company or building a new company website, Peachtree software can be integrated with your website, this can drastically help you to improve functionality and customer service. Peachtree has a website builder software, it is called WebsiteCreator Pro and there is an add-on for online stores called WebsiteTrader, these can be used to take customer orders online, it can also be used to manage a large inventory of items for as much as up to a few thousand products!

Peachtree helps to manage these by keeping accurate records of all your business transactions, inventory costs, employee expenses, and incoming sales. Peachtree helps to keep track of money both coming in and going out, users will never be in the dark about cash flow. It is easy and affordable to build a website with Peachtree WebsiteCreator Pro, it can be used with any version of Peachtree, including Peachtree Quantum, Peachtree Accounting Pro, etc.

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The following are some major features that we found good in Peachtree business products:

Budget Control – Peachtree software controls every financial aspect of the business, there are different features in different versions of Peachtree software products, for example, Peachtree Quantum supports multiple users and being considered as the choice of software for many small companies. Peachtree also has industry specific products for manufacturing, nonprofit, accountant, and distribution. Basic accounting functions are all included, printable reports, inventory pricing and tracking, customer and vendor data, product purchases and sales, online banking, payroll, business expenses and so on. Without a proper budgeting control you’ll find yourself in the “money hole” every month. This is where Peachtree can be really helpful and effective.

Online Orders – Not only Peachtree helps general accounting functions, but it can also help to keep up with Web orders, it can be done securely and accurately. When the site is build with Peachtree capabilities, you’ll be able to accept orders from customers, be able to track orders and calculate shipping and taxes. Customer information can be securely stored. It comes with the shopping cart which are hosted on Peachtree-hosted sites which uses SSl encryption technology to ensure security. With SSL encryption, your customer’s data is safeguarded, never worried about intrusion or any unauthorized access. All data elements like customer names, addresses and other order details are encrypted and transmitted online. However Peachtree software doesn’t automatically include credit card authorization.

Easy Search – Peachtree item catalog allows your customers who arrived on your site to easily search for your products and services. Everything is categorized or grouped for easy identification. Users can browse multiple category levels with descriptive details, this makes it easy to locate what the users are searching for, you can also use a category for promotion purposes, and you can manage you promotion items on weekly or monthly.

SEO – Peachtree’s website builder allows you to submit your new site to the search engines with very minimal effort. The Peachtree system does most of the work behind the scene with an easy registration tool. Your website can show up in searches result pages when potential customers are seeking information about products that you offer. Web surfers normally type in some keywords to find products, and your site can show up if it is in related to those keywords.

Smooth Operations – Peachtree-hosted website enables you to transfer data back and forth between your site and Peachtree database if you own a large company. This centralized data hosting eliminates confusion among employees because they will not see duplicate information or missing data. It also allows you to create promotions for customers such as flyers, postcards and sales letters.

If you’re planning to start a business soon or wish to streamline your budgeting methods in a current company, we recommend you to consider Peachtree Quantum, one of the Peachtree business products, you can go online to order and also receive Peachtree training online if you feel this will help you reach your goals more quickly. Other software for you reference are QuickBooks Enterprise, MAS900 or MAS 200 by Sage, and ACT Software.

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