This headset is the miniature FM radio attached to your iPhone

Listen to music and radio to your heart content without worrying about internet connection.

The newly released wired headset from Blackloud is providing iPhone users with a super convenient way to listen to local FM radio stations when the Internet is down or when you have run out of data packets this month. The sound may be slightly leaky, easy to interfere, but the information via traditional FM channels is free, more reliable in case of a disaster.

FM product Blackloud AF1 works by embedding the FM detector under the control buttons on the headset, while the cable also acts as an antenna. The headset of course plugs into the iPhone via the Lightning jack and you can control the radio via the included radio application. This can be considered a one-for-all solution, when most smartphones today hide the FM function.

The radio headset version for Android phones using Type-C cables will be released next year.

In fact, unless you are a big fan of FM radio or are very prudent about 3G storage, we don’t think you will sit on the radio regularly. Instead, this headset can serve as a backup option in an emergency. When natural disasters occur, BTS stations easily fall into overload or malfunction, and radio stations still have waves. At that time, you should hope that the city will no longer have a power outage.

Blackloud AF1 FM headset is available with price from 79 USD from homepage


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