Best Free Android Applications for Children

Whether you are looking for a way to keep your child entertained on a long car ride or simply want to let them play on your phone while hanging out at home, there are a surprisingly large number of applications for children available for Android phones. The Android Market has many different applications, both fun and educational for children to enjoy. Here is a list of the best Android applications for children that are completely free to download through the Android Market.
“Kids Doodle”

“Kids Doodle” is a fun art application for children that will allow your child to create a masterpiece on the go. With the “Kids Doodle” app, your child can work with 15 different brush sizes and dozens of different colors by using nothing but the tips of their fingers. This application is appropriate for children of all ages and will allow your child to show off their creativity without making a mess. You can even save the doodles your child creates onto your SD card.

“Memory for Kids”

“Memory for Kids” is a virtual version of the popular logic and reasoning game “Memory.” This fun game will help your children with memorization skills as they find matching pairs of cards. The application has multiple difficulty settings so that you can pick the right one for your child’s age and ability.

“Talking Kids Math and Numbers”

If your young child is struggling with math and number memorization, the “Talking Kids Math and Numbers” application can be used as a tool to help with tutoring. The application features several different modes including TV mode and quiz mode. The application uses voice recognition software to listen to your child’s answers to math questions. With the “Talking Kids Math and Numbers” application, your children can learn addition and subtraction anywhere you go.

“Kids Piano Lite”

The “Kids Piano Lite” application will provide your child with a virtual piano to practice on in the car or at the doctor’s office. This is the free version of the application, and will turn your Android phone into an eight-tone piano.

“Talking Tom Cat”

This funny application can provide hours of entertainment for your young child. The “Talking Tom Cat” application features a virtual cat that will repeat everything your child says back in a funny voice. Your child can also tap the screen to tickle the cat, poke the cat, or make it nod it’s head.

“Kid Mode: Kids Games + Videos”

“Kid Mode: Kids Games + Videos” is a free application that offers games and videos targeted toward your child’s age group. All of the games and videos included in this application are both entertaining and educational. The application also allows you as the parent to turn on a phone lock so that your child cannot accidentally exit the application or access other parts of your Android phone. You can also opt to receive weekly updates from the application via email to tell you what games your child played and how much progress they are making.


Looking for a story to read to your child on the go? “iStoryBooks” is a unique Android application that contains tons of illustrated childrens books with new ones added every two weeks. You can choose to read the text, or enable the audio feature to have the application read the book to your child for you.

“Kid TV”

“Kid TV” is a free video application that contains a huge collection of kid-friendly cartoons that can be watched anywhere your Android phone can access the internet. The application will access popular YouTube videos for children including episodes of shows like “Dora the Explorer,” “Donald Duck,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and more.

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