Sony Bravia KDL-46TVBDPKG LED LCD TV Review

Sony Bravia KDL-46TVBDPKG LED LCD TV Review

Sony Bravia KDL-46TVBDPKG LED LCD TV is the latest high definition television from Sony, the Japan based multinational company, who is into consumer electronics manufacturing. The television costs close to 1000 dollars, this is ultra slim thanks to the LCD television technology on which this television works. This television has full high definition capabilities thus it enables the user to view 1080 pixel resolution video on the television and also the maximum video resolution supported by this television measures 1920 X 1080 pixels.

The screen size of Sony Bravia KDL-46TVBDPKG measures 46 inches, across the diagonal. There are four HDMI ports available in this television, the horizontal and vertical viewing angle of this television measures 178 degrees, thus the user can get crystal clear, razer sharp pictures from anywhere in their living room. There is a built in ATSC / QAM digital tuner and a NTSC analog tuner. Through which the user can directly tune to ATSC / QAM modulated digital signals or NTSC analog signals even without a help of settop box. BRAVIA sync is available in this television, thus connecting to other BRAVIA devices and synchronizing the data present in them is perfectly simple and easy. There is also a built in blu ray player in this television thus watching High Definition movies are simple and the user does not need an external Blu ray disc player.

Sony Bravia KDL-46TVBDPKG LED LCD TV uses the progressive scanning that is the line doubling scanning technology. The aspect ratio provided by this television is 16:9. There are different wide screen modes supported in this television namely conventional 4 : 3, Full, auto wide, full zoom, normal and zoom mode. There are multi language menus available in this television and the user is allowed to choose one of the following language as the English, French and Spanish. Picture in Picture is supported in this television thus multichannel view is available in this television. There are three different picture adjustment modes available namely standard, vivid and custom. There are many features like parental mode, theater mode, ambient light sensing technology, advanced contrast enabling circuit, also 3 : 2 pull down compensation, MPEG noise reduction, channel labeling, BRAVIA sync, picture frame mode and program and system information protocol.

There are two speakers available Sony Bravia KDL-46TVBDPKG each of which consumes 10 watts. MTS stereo reception system is available in this television. Secondary audio program, that is SAP is also supported in this television. Surround sound mode is also supported in this television. The power consumed during operating condition measures 135 watts and when in standby it measures 0.33 watt. USB connectivity is also available in this television thus USB plug and play is possible. This is simply the best candidate for the home theater simulation.

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