UFOs. Discoveries made since the year 2000


UFO’s are no longer a mystery. There are many scientific researches happening around the world to establish the involvement of UFO. Still the debates are on the process in one side. We are not yet in a position to authentically report on what UFO’s are and from where these things come up. Before learning about the findings related to UFO’s it is quite essential to learn more about these bodies. To put into simple terms, these are unidentifiable flying objects. These are said to be seen in the far sky, which cannot be recognized to known body by general human beings. There are many mysteries, myths and fictions related to these objects.

It is been considered that these bodies are vehicles bearing life from other planets. There have been many stories, novels and films released regarding these UFO. But apart from the imaginations of the writers and directors, many places, people have reported the presence of UFO. But authentic people, neglect this telling that it may be some kind of aircraft or cloud formations, which people might have mistook as UFO’s.

Since 2000, the studies regarding this were moving on a faster pace, they have started to keep records of the identified UFO’s. In this 21st century, when people are more aware about scientific facts, the reporting’s regarding the presence of UFO’s are to be considered more seriously. The first happening in this century was in 2001, in New Jersey when a peculiar kind of lighting appeared in the night sky. About 15 people including police officers reported about the same.

Though in between many small cases were reported, most of them were neglected on some other basis. In 2004, a series of 5 UFO sightings were reported in Illinois. This was considered as the most evident and important findings in this century till date. The black triangle UFO at Illinois gathered so much of public notice. It was reported in all medias are still studies by various astrophysics around the world.

Later about 12 to 13 UFO sightings were reported all around the world. But one of the most notable points was, these finding are usually seen in the European region, the Asia- pacific region or the African regions, haven’t yet reported such findings. They have rarely mentioned some illusionary reporting’s in the early 60’s only.

The year 2012 had some remarkable experiences in this field. It happened in Vancouver. There several families watched the presence of red and blue light moving from east to west. Many people were able to record this and produce still photographs. The scientific world was still not able to explain the story behind these findings. However the year 2012 remained numb in case of UFO findings.

Around the world, no one reported about an UFO presence. But co incidentally, the first report about a UFO came on the New Year day this year. It was from Australian side, exactly form the Caldwell region. There people identified a dual lighted terrestrial body. It moved silently form east to west.

The finding and studies are still in progress. Though many mysterious are unfurls there are many things to be revealed.

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