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Are you new to having an online business and all the work, time and energy that is involved with marketing and promoting it on the Web? Are you confused by SEO, the Search Engines, and how to submit to them? Or maybe you’re just not getting the traffic to your website that you want? If so, we can help.

We have put together a Search Engine Submission and Promotion Package that we feel is both affordable and effective. Though there is no way for any website promotion service to fully guarantee the results of its work, we can guarantee that our work is efficient, professional, and thorough. We will do everything we say we’re going to do, and we’ll do it in a timely fashion. Your success is always our goal.

Here’s what our SOS (Successful Online Store) Submission and Promotion Package includes.

Website Evaluation: We will evaluate your website’s primary meta tags (Title, Description and Keywords) and make recommendations via a detailed written report for improvement. We do this first, before submitting your website to the SE’s, because optimization should always come before submission. Other companies offer this service for anywhere between $30 – $500 per month, to thousands of dollars for a one-time service!

Search Engine Submission: We will submit your site to the top Search Engines. We will not, as many other service providers claim to do, submit your site to “hundreds” or even “thousands” of search engines.  The fact is that this is not necessary, helpful, and in most cases, not even possible! I don’t believe there even are hundreds, let alone thousands, of search engines. And if there are, do YOU know the names of them? Exactly. And neither does anyone else. For more information on search engine submission, see our Search Engines page.

So, we will submit your site to only the top search engines, according to their respective submission guidelines. We will also monitor and review those submissions for 3 months to verify that your site has been indexed. Once we see that your site is indexed, there is no need to submit again, so we won’t do so unless you are not yet indexed.

Don’t pay someone else a monthly or large one-time fee for this service, especially when you run the risks of buying yourself a lot of spam, or being rejected by the SE’s due to automated submissions! And don’t use FREE services that promise submission to “thousands” of search engines and directories, for the very same reasons. We include this service here as part of this comprehensive promotion package, to save you time and money. The value of this service varies among all the websites that offer submission services, so your savings will vary as well.

Banner Rotation at OBJ: We’ll add your website banner to the rotation at the top of the website for six months. This creates a much needed backlink to your website for the search engines, and can help generate some human traffic as well. Value of this advertising: $24 (You will need to supply us with a 468×60 banner graphic for the rotation.)

Topsites Inclusion: We’ll add you to our Online Business Junction Topsites List. Also, where appropriate, we will add your site to WAHM Topsites list, the Crows Creek Crossing Topsites, and the Primitive Square Marketplace Topsites. (Your banner graphic is needed for topsites submissions as well.)

Plug Board Inclusion: We’ll add you to our plug board here at OBJ, and at WAHM Plug Board. Where appropriate, we’ll also add you to the plug boards we have at Crows Creek Crossing and Primitive Square Marketplace. We’ll also find three other plug boards that are relevant to your own product niche, and plug your site there as well. (You will need to supply is with your own plug graphic.)

Our SOS Submission and Promotion Package is only $75. This is a great price and a great value for the money. You are getting an evaluation of your primary meta tags, which is essential for good SEO; you’re getting submission to the top search engines; and you’re getting advertising and promotion via banner rotation here at OBJ, as well as on topsites and plug boards, without the hassle of having to submit your site yourself, which will be a great time-saver for you as well.

If you are already a pro at SEO, search engine submission, and marketing, then our service is not likely to help you. But if you’re new to the world of online business and/or a novice at SEO, and could use help getting your presence known on the web, then we can help to meet your needs.

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