20 Tips For Easy Ad Writing!

20 Tips For Easy Ad Writing

Follow these tips to get your ads to produce the results you need to help build your online business.

1. Your ads should arouse the readers curiosity provoking them to click on your ad to get more information. Remember that people will respond to your ad if they can identify with what you are advertising.

2. Keep your ad limited to the number of words allowed for the type of advertising you are using, such as ezine ads, classified ads, etc. Do not go over the limit or your ad may be cut off, making it appear unprofessional.

3. Make sure your ad contains lots of white space, easy to read fonts, and clear graphics or pictures.

4. Your title or heading is the determining factor whether your ad gets read. People have been exposed to tons of ads on the internet so be aware of how your ad is presented. Your headline should be appealing to the reader and offer some benefit.

5. When creating your headline keep it short and be specific. Reveal exactly what is in your ad. Avoid over used words like free, money, etc.

6. A good way to attract attention to your ad is by using quotation marks and quoting someone in your headline.

7. Try using How to, Last chance, Now!, Amazing, Announcing, and others in your headline. They worked in the past and will pull in readers for you now.

8. Using action words in your headline or asking a question will help to catch the readers attention. Try and make them no longer then 7 words.

9. Always have a web page set up other then your main web page for your visitors to go to once they read your ad. This will allow you to target the information for specific ads. It will also make your visitors feel that they are special to you because the web page relates to the ad they saw.

10. By setting up a specific page for your ad you will be able to track how it is doing. Testing your ads will determine which ones to continue using and which to trash.

11. To help you write ads that get results do some research by looking at other ads. Ask yourself, what caught my attention? What did not catch my attention?

12. Target your ads. Know before you get started what you want to promote. The more focused your ad the better the response.

13. Offering something free in your ad will usually catch the readers attention. You could offer a free e-book, article or something related to your ads topic.

14. People will not read ads that are long. Use descriptive words and just say what your offering, pique the readers curiosity.

15. Everyone knows that you should not use all caps. Why? It makes the ad hard to read and is considered yelling.

16. Do not forget to include your website and an email address in your ad. You should always end your ad by telling the reader how to respond. Keep it simple and easy.

17. One reason for poor responses is because people do not proof read their ads. Make sure your contact information works!

18. Testing your ads can be very helpful in finding one that works. Revise and test your ad until you get it right. Test one ad at a time so you know which one is working and where it is working from. Even though it may take more time and effort, try to set up a web page for your ad and track the responses through your pages statistics.

19. A good ad will create an emotional desire for your reader to do more. This desire could be to make more money, have better work habits, etc. Make your readers feel something and they will want to get more information for your offer.

20. The more experience you gain in writing ads the more you should pay attention to how ads are being written by other people. The best ads come from people who pay attention to what others are writing. Every time you see a good ad, write it down, save it. Pull out these ads when looking for new ideas and analyze them, figure out why they work. You must stay up to date with the ad writing methods that are currently being used and with what is working and not working.

To summarize you have to first grab the readers attention, then interest them with something appealing while raising their desire for your offer. Last, demand that they act immediately. The action you want the reader to take should be easy to do and clearly stated.

Writing ads is one of the most important tasks that you will do for your online business. If you have the ambition to succeed and keep practicing then people will start contacting you to find out about your opportunity and you will succeed!

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