My Day as an Online Marketer


I just thought it might be interesting to give you a peak at what I actually do all day. Maybe this will get the blood flowing a bit and get you excited about a new career.

My Morning

I start my day off with checking my mail. Look for anything that catches my eye and sounds interesting. Check out a few forums and see what is new or old, what is working or not. The forums are a great place to gather information on your niche giving you insight to your potential customers.

Pending what I have been sent I will take action on what I deem to be necessary at the time. It is good practice to reply to any comments received another thing I take care of in the morning.

I like to do my learning and reading in the morning as well, not sure why but I just do. If I have something that I need to get better at or something new, the morning is the time.

To get the rest of my day into first gear I make myself a to do list for the day, then get started.

My Afternoon

Well if it is afternoon or not it, all depends on how long my morning chores take me. I get started on my tasks for the day.

Most if not all days, it will involve working on my site content, and improving my rankings. This is done in many ways, so I will not get into that now. There is a lot of writing involved, believe me it gets easier the more you learn and do, a piece of cake now.

Check out my competition and see how I can improve my site. If I have been learning something new I will perhaps work on that, it may take the rest of the day, who knows. One thing I love about online marketing is you never know what is going to happen.

Sometimes I do some gardening, pick some weeds enjoy the garden and the sunshine. Sometimes even a nap, if I am tired. Sometimes I take an hour or so and play a few online games. My choice!


Well now that is what it is all about isn’t it, making it to the point of making a living online. It doesn’t come without hard work, don’t let my playtime make you think it is easy and you make money on autopilot.

The big scams out there all have one big thing in common, they tell you that you can do it fast and make thousands or millions with little or no effort. Scams, Scams, If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is.

I was once told that you get out what you put in, more time building and educating yourself about online marketing the further you will go. Simple formula, harder you work the better you will get, the further you go.

One more thing not to scare you away just the opposite more informed you are the better decisions you will make. Online marketing is not in general an overnight success occupation; it takes time to build up a business and make a steady income. How long, again that depends a great part on you and the learning curve you achieve.

End of My Day

I look at my day and see if all that I intended to do have been done and is correct, all things are working correctly, links and such. I like to stop by Wealthy Affiliate chat room and chat a bit, help others or just sit and see if I can learn something new.

I do this just about every day, yeah it is a routine in a way but these things need doing if you are going to be successful.

Then of course the day that all goes wrong and you just can’t figure it out, need help. The chat room is great for this, have found myself in there for hours having someone help me with a problem, then there goes that day.

It is done at my pace, I want to garden, I garden, need a nap I do. An appointment during the day no problem, great day for fishing I am gone.

My best advice to anyone wanting to start an online business is that beware it is not a walk in the park as the scammers will have you to believe. It takes time and there is a learning curve steep at times, you are a one-person operation, if you don’t do it, it is not done. Of course, what’s the sense of having your own business if you can’t play sometimes?

Hope this shines a little light on what I do all day, as you see it is a real career and produces a real income. Leave me a comment think online marketing is for you, want the freedom I have…

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