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Where to begin, Sim City a game I was really looking forward to. Does it live up to my expectations? Is it better than the previous in its series? Definitely YES!

But despite all that good gaming experience there’s one downside.. yeah you guessed it. The servers! On release day the servers were a real pain in the ass. It was nearly impossible to get connected. And when I finally got in, it was a matter of time before getting thrown out again. Eventually I didn’t get the chance to play on release day because of that. On the second day I got in! And played for 9 hours straight before getting thrown out again… :$. But the experience was fenomenal. I was so addicted from second one! That I haven’t stopped playing in my free time since! ^_^ I started a small region with 3 cities. I named the first one Corvin!

After playing like 12 hours I came to the problem that my city was too small to have all the power and garbage placed at. So I was getting lots of homeless people and soon I ran into the problem that people were leaving and I was getting bankrupt. But despite that, I unlocked the “Godzilla” disaster as I call it ^_^. So I used it a couple of times to destroy my city and start all over again.

The second time I started the same region with 3 cities, but instead of focusing on only one city, I began thinking of opening 2. So I claimed another city in the region. One with lots of Oil and Coal in the ground. I will use that city to give my main city power and also to put all my garbage. I named that city “

My main city “

” will be a normal huge city to get lots of education and also be partly tourist attractive. I’m planning to put the Big Ben here.

After all that I realised I can even open a third city cause business is doing great!

So I claimed the last open spot in the region and named it “


Corvin Bay will be my gambling city! It will also use power and garbage disposal from Corvin Hills but I’m also going to place Wind Turbines along the side of this city to use as backup power and not have air pollution getting in the hights.

After a few hours of playing I have 3 cities that are doing great! They all 3 make a lot of profit. The smallest profit of the 3 is Corvin which makes like 85000 simoleons a month and the second is Corvin Hills with 120000 a month, that leaves us to Corvin Bay which has 165000 a month. So yeah business is going great! ^_^

Corvin has all the schools and everything it needs at the moment including railway connection to all 3 cities and a Docking Bay and dubbel decker busses, just waiting for 550000 to plop my Big Ben!

Corvin Hills has a Coal Factory which is upgraded at full and a Metal HQ and 2 full upgraded garbage disposals to control all the garbage of the other 2 cities. Now it’s saving up for a recycling center and further more advanced coal factories. And after that maybe an oil factory!

Corvin bay has 3 Gambling Houses with hotel and a Gambling HQ. Also a full upgraded Police station and a Police Precinct to control all the criminal activity! MaxisMan is also doing some business here ^_^.  It also has connection to all  3 cities with 2 railway stations and 1 german high speed train station and a docking bay. It also has a small Airport to get tourists in and out the gambling city. Now I’m saving up to get more advanced gambling houses and to put Street Cars in the city and bigger Streets and Avenues.

As great work in the middle of the region I’m still deciding on building a Solar Farm or an International airport.

I have like 26 hours of play time and not getting bored a second! And the servers… It took like 4 days before they were really stable, but they’re doing great now! So please EA do more testing when you do this with a new game! But ok, they appologised and the people that registered the game on the first days are all getting a free game!

So that’s it for now, I will keep ya all posted how my cities will evolve or get destroyed xD.

I have one question though, does anyone know how to get rid of ground pollution you get from sewage outflow pipes?

Till next post!

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Game on!

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