A Month With The Nintendo Switch

A Month With The Nintendo Switch

We decided to pick up a Nintendo Switch last month for a few reasons. 1) We love Nintendo. We had a Wii U at the time and also currently have frequently played 3DS’s. 2) The Nintendo Switch’s were so scarce, when we saw one in a local Walmart we were like, just do it. And boy were we smart for doing so. That Walmart hasn’t seen a Switch since and it has been the best experience we have ever had with a gaming console.

Now there was an article somewhere that titled, “The Nintendo Switch is the most convenient console of all time”, and we cannot agree with that more. The ability to play: Handheld, Tabletop, Docked, split screen, solo, etc. is so convenient and also entertaining. Not just the hardware is convenient, the software is so useful as well. For example: I (Austin) like to play online and I only slightly worry about my ranking, now Ashley likes to play online too but does not want to mess up my ranking. So when we hop onto Puyo Puyo Tetris I can just choose my profile real quick and play, but if she wants to play online after I am done, it is as simple as loading the game up as her profile, easy as that. We have played a decent amount of games of all different genres to really test out the switch. We will walkthrough our personal favorites.

Now we love this game. The vastness and creativity of this game is astounding. What amazes me about it every time I play is the light amount of loading. The game is huge and you can traverse nearly the entire game without loading. Yes, when it does load, it loads for awhile, but it doesn’t do too much harm. This is a solo player only game, so the best thing to do is have your partner beside you with a walkthrough (if you believe in such a thing) and occasionally passing the controller.

This is a racing game tried and true. With the switch, each person has a horizontal JoyCon and you can choose tilt or button controls (tilt is a nightmare, more on this later). The point of this game is to go as fast as you possibly can. Unlike Mario Kart or other arcade racers, Fast RMX is about who is the fastest. Honestly, this game is such a rush. It is just as much fun solo as it is party mode, but obviously having someone to compete against that is not a bot is definitely rage inducing. Since you are going so fast, it is super hard to control so we definitely recommend sticking with the button controls.

So we have covered a solo RPG, a competitive game, now we have a cooperative game (but with the anger it almost gets competitive). Snipperclips is a adorable simple yet complicated arcade game. Your goal is to work together and cut or snip each other into different shapes to complete a variety of tasks. Snipperclips is explained simple, but executed hysterically. This game requires a high level of communication and thus one can see why the rage can cause this cooperative game to turn competitive!

Last but not least, Puyo Puyo Tetris. This game is quick but not easy. You are able to work competitive or cooperative. It is easy to pick up and play really quick allowing it to be a easy choice for a quick fix. We find ourselves running out of time in the day, yet we still tend to squeeze in a round or two or Puyo Puyo Tetris. Since it is so easy to pick up and enjoy, we are actually putting this one down as our favorite Switch game as of this writing.


So we obviously love our Nintendo Switch. But we do have a few issues with it.



While there may be some hardware issues with the Switch reported online, this does not prevent the console from allowing you to have a ton of fun. We highly recommend picking one up (if you can find one due to stock issues)!

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