Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners: Get Paid to Write


There are many freelance writers who are making more than 50$ per hour. If you’ve great writing skills, you too can get started with freelance writing jobs meant for beginners and get paid to write for your clients. In this article, I’m going to share some ways to find freelance writing jobs if you’re a beginner and new to freelancing.

What freelancing actually means? It’s like doing someone else’s job in exchange of money. This means, you do their jobs appointed to you and you get paid for that particular work. We won’t be talking much about other freelancing jobs. But here, I’m going to tell you about freelance writing jobs for beginners-only for those who’re new to freelancing.


As I said, there are freelance writers making thousands of dollars each month. There are many types of writing. You’ve to discover your writing category. If you’re confused what I just said, then, let me tell clearly. Say, you’re a great story writer. You can polish your stories like shining gems. That’s a great skill indeed, the perfect freelancing job for you is writing short stories for clients, who’re maybe looking for someone who might write engaging stories for their publishes.

Most of the clients, looking for writers, usually hires for writing e-books which they might sell in Amazon and other online book stores. They only spend a few hundred dollars to get the story or content. Then they publish it to generate tons of free money; say five times more.

This means, that you’ve to find your interest of writing. I personally love writing for clients looking forward to hire some blog post writers or website content creators. But that’s completely up to you, the type of writer you’re. According to me, I think, e-book writers make the most of the money.


Well, when you’ve invented your type of writing. You now need to find some freelancing writing jobs which should accept beginners. Where will you find clients? There are a number of popular sites where you can get hired by clients all over the world. But I’m listing some of the sites I love and have used to make a few bucks.


which was previously Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. It’s a place where you can find thousands of projects matching your skills. You can apply for any project which seems perfect for you, and which you can do every well. But make sure not to bid on projects you’re not experienced at. Now our main concern is to writing jobs welcoming newbies. You’ve to look and search for writing projects where clients are looking for professional writers, maybe for their blog or business website.

Like Upwork, Freelancer

is another great freelancing platform used by thousands of freelance writers like you’re going to be. I personally like Upwork more for there is less competition between freelancers. But in Freelancer, you’ve many benefits like contests where you can post your works such as logo designs and many other types. Like Upwork, you too can find good paying freelance writing jobs meant for beginners like you.

Elance owns Upwork so it’s far better than Upwork itself. In fact, Elance and Upwork is the same thing. You also have great payment security and policy for guaranteed payment for the amount of work you do. I’ve used Elance for quite a long time and I also got a writing project where I had to write a product review. I just got $28 for that job which took only 30-40 minutes, maximum an hour. Then I had to deposit that earning in my bank account. Really easy, isn’t?

This is another great site dedicating to all writers. Not only writers, but all type of writers. This is a great place for beginner freelance writers to get started and start making money by using their knowledge of words. I haven’t used Freelance Writing Gigs personally but as I heard from friends, it’s a great site for writers to find any type of writing jobs.

I’m sure that you’ve come across the site named Fiverr . It’s a great place for any type of freelancing but just writers. There, you can create your gigs offering clients that you’re gonna do that particular job. For writers, they’re obviously gonna post something like “I’ll Write a 1000+ Word Article about Holiday Making for $5”. That “for $5” is a default amount, and you can’t change. You’ve to do any job for $5 but you can add addition offers with additional cost. Your earning depends on the clients what are the offers, they’re willing to order.


After you’ve signed up for any of the freelancing sites I’ve listed above. You now, have to look for projects and clients calling all writers. While signing up, each Freelancing site will ask you about your skills. Once, you’ve checked Writing, Creating Writing and so more relevant to writing stuffs. You’ll see the latest projects being shown on the page which says something like “Find work“.

After finding your skill-matching project, you’ve to destroy the bid button! I mean, you’ve to apply for this job and write a cover letter where you’ll have to introduce yourself and highlight your skills. And any projects you’ve done before. Once you’ve written it, and make sure it’s engaging and it should blow the client’s mind! Then only, you’ll get the client willing to hire you for his project.

I hope, this article really helped you. Not only how to get started but where to begin. If the information provided satisfied you, don’t forget to destroy the “share” button just like the bid button. And don’t hesitate to question regarding anything and also leave behind your knowledge, if I missed any. 😉

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